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Tuesday: Senate Property Tax Committee to Hear Several Bills Affecting School Districts

04.15.2019 — The Senate Property Tax Committee will meet at 3 p.m. or upon final adjournment of the Senate to hear public testimony on a number of bills, including the following:

  • SB 1090 (Campbell) would require that at least two-thirds of the voters voting in an election held by a political subdivision to authorize the issuance of bonds vote in favor of authorizing the issuance of bonds before the bonds could be issued.

  • SB 1224 (Bettencourt, et al.) would require that an election for the issuance of bonds be held on the November uniform election date unless the governor determines that an emergency warrants such an election to be held before the November uniform election date (in such a case one could be held on an earlier May uniform election dates).

  • SB 1309 (Bettencourt) would remove a school district board's authority to employ a person to assess or collect district taxes and move that responsibility to the county assessor-collector for the county in which the property subject to taxation by the school district is located.

  • SB 2503 (Bettencourt) would adjust the current method of calculating the school district rollback tax rate to the lesser of $1 plus four pennies plus additional pennies approved at an election plus debt rate or the No-New-Revenue Rate (rate to maintain revenue per WADA) times 1.025 plus the debt rate.

Watch the hearing live.