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House Public Education Committee Hears Testimony on HB 3

03.13.2019 — On Tuesday the Texas House Public Education Committee heard public testimony on HB 3, the House school finance bill introduced March 5. TASA Legislative Committee Chair Doug Williams, superintendent, Sunnyvale ISD, testified in support of the bill on behalf of TASA.

He told the committee that when HB 3was introduced, he "did what many superintendents across the state did" and analyzed how the bill would impact his school district. He determined that Sunnyvale ISD would not fare as well as some of its neighbors, but "Despite those early projections, I am here today in full support of this bill because it will provide additional funds to all schools in Texas, and to echo the thoughts of Speaker Bonnen, 'The time is now.'"

Williams said he thinks HB 3 could have an impact on school finance equal to the Gilmer Aikin Law of 1949. "That legislation created a path for Texas public education in its day, so too can House Bill 3 move education forward in our state," said.

He did encourage the committee, as the work continues on HB 3, to consider extending the small and mid-Size adjustment for special education programs and to create a mechanism to regularly adjust the Golden Penny yield. Read his full testimony.


See video of the hearing.