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House Public Education Committee Votes Out School Finance, Teacher Pay Commission Bills

08.09.2017 — The House Public Education Committee sent the following bills to the full House today:

  • CSHB 198 (Clardy), originally a teacher merit pay bill on which testimony was heard August 1, was substituted in committee with language that would establish a commission to study teacher compensation and the best methods for increasing teacher pay and bonuses. The substitute bill has not yet been posted, but as presented to the committee, the bill would establish a commission that would include five members chosen by the House, five members chosen by the Senate, and one member chosen by the commissioner of education.

  • HB 387 (Ken King) would reinstate and continue ASATR through fiscal year 2019 except for districts receiving less than 4 percent of total M&O revenue. The bill calls for up to $200 million for this purpose and prohibits assistance to districts with M&O tax rates below $1. 

  • CSSB 16 (Larry Taylor), which was passed by the Senate in late July and would create a commission to recommend improvements to the public school finance system, was substituted in committee with language from HB 191 (Phil King). The version approved by the House Public Education Committee would establish the Texas Commission on Public School Finance with the responsibility of recommending improvements to the current school finance system or new methods of financing public schools. It would consist of: five members appointed by the governor to include at least one school administrator, one expert on state/local taxation, a member of the business community, and one member of the civic community; five members appointed by the lieutenant governor; and five members appointed by the speaker of the House, of which three in each group must be legislators, one in each group must be a school administrator or trustee, and one in each group must be a current or retired teacher with at least 10 years of experience. (The substitute version allows for the participation of more educators than the original.)