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House Pub Ed Committee to Meet Again on School Finance Bill, 20 Other Bills on March 28

03.24.2017 — The House Publication Committee has another long day ahead on Tuesday, March 28, when it is scheduled to begin to meet at 8 a.m. in E2.036 of the Capitol Extension to hear testimony on 20-plus bills.

The committee will hear additional testimony on HB 21, the Huberty school finance bill, which was last discussed on Tuesday, as well as the following bills:

  • HB 171 (Dutton, et al.) Relating to certain facilities transactions between school districts and charter schools.

  • HB 467 (Murphy, et al.) Relating to the guarantee of charter district bonds by the permanent school fund.

  • HB 480 (Burkett) Relating to open-enrollment charter schools that provide only prekindergarten programs.

  • HB 481 (Ken King) Relating to the recovery of overallocated state funds by the Texas Education Agency.

  • HB 852 (Parker, et al.) Relating to adult high school diploma and industry certification charter school pilot program requirements.

  • HB 1023 (Simmons) Relating to the powers and duties of the commissioner of education regarding granting additional charters for open-enrollment charter schools.

  • HB 1039 (Mary González) Relating to funding for open-enrollment charter schools.

  • HB 1059 (Murphy, et al.) Relating to the effective date of certain actions taken by the commissioner of education against school districts that exceed the equalized wealth level and to reattachment of property detached from a school district by the commissioner of education to achieve the equalized wealth level.

  • HB 1081 (Arévalo) Relating to the new instructional facility allotment under the foundation school program.

  • HB 1269 (Villalba, et al.) Relating to open-enrollment charter schools.

  • HB 1560 (Guillen) Relating to the removal of an obsolete reference regarding open-enrollment charter schools and the State Board of Education.

  • HB 1669 (Tracy O. King) Relating to appeals and complaints arising from school laws brought by parents and public school students; authorizing the award of attorney’s fees.

  • HB 2051 (Huberty) Relating to the new instructional facility allotment under the foundation school program.

  • HB 2298 (Tomas Uresti) Relating to the ineligibility of certain persons affiliated with an open-enrollment charter school for election to or service on the State Board of Education or a school district board of trustees.

  • HB 2337 (Dutton, et al.) Relating to funding for an open-enrollment charter school based on the guaranteed level of state and local funds provided to school districts through the existing debt allotment.

  • HB 2340 (Huberty) Relating to the use by a school district of certain undesignated funds in the district’s general fund.

  • HB 2611 (VanDeaver) Relating to broker agreements for the sale of real property by school districts.

  • HB 2649 (Capriglione) Relating to certain meetings of open-enrollment charter schools.

  • HB 3722 (Ken King) Relating to funding adjustments for school districts that annex unacceptable school districts.

For longer summaries of these bills and others that TASA is tracking, search for the bill number using the online TASA Bill Tracker.

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