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House Public Education Committee to Meet Tuesday on HB 21 School Finance Bill, Others

03.09.2017 — The House Public Education Committee will meet Tuesday, March 14, at noon or upon adjournment of the House, to hear additional testimony on HB 21, the school finance bill that Rep. Dan Huberty introduced earlier this week.

Other bills on the agenda for Tuesday include:
  • HB 69 (Guillen) Relating to a requirement that school districts and open-enrollment charter schools report certain information regarding children with disabilities who reside in residential facilities.

  • HB 136 (Bell, et al.) Relating to inclusion of career and technology education and workforce training in the mission of public education.

  • HB 264 (Hernandez) Relating to public outreach materials to foster awareness of certain public school curriculum requirements.

  • HB 357 (Huberty, et al.) Relating to the eligibility of the children of certain first responders for free prekindergarten programs in public schools.

  • HB 367 (Bernal, et al.) Relating to feeding hungry children through efficient use of excess food in public schools.

  • HB 404 (Anchia, et al.) Relating to higher education curriculum review teams to review public school curriculum standards for college readiness purposes.

  • HB 441 (Martinez) Relating to operation of public schools on Memorial Day.

  • HB 452 (Moody) Relating to the notice to the parent or other person having lawful control of a public school student concerning the student’s class performance.

  • HB 539 (VanDeaver, et al.) Relating to the ability of certain students to enroll full-time in courses provided through the state virtual school network.

  • HB 620 (Leach) Relating to the first day of instruction at a public school.

  • HB 639 (Anderson, et al.) Relating to authorizing the purchase of certain insurance coverage by public school districts for the benefit of businesses and students participating in career or technology training programs and providing for immunity from liability of certain public school students participating in career or technology programs.

  • HB 710 (Wu, et al.) Relating to providing free full-day prekindergarten for certain children.

  • HB 728 (Guerra) Relating to the establishment by the commissioner of education of an advanced computer science program for high school students.

  • HB 729 (Bohac) Relating to instruction in positive character traits in public schools.

  • HB 878 (King, Ken) Relating to the extension and modification of a public school district depository contract.

  • HB 1150 (Davis, Sarah) Relating to duties of a school district board of trustees.

  • HB 1270 (Smithee) Relating to excused absences from public school for the purpose of visiting a military recruitment center.

  • HB 1291 (Geren) Relating to the inclusion of American principles in the public school curriculum and instructional materials.

  • HB 1389 (Giddings) Relating to class size limits for prekindergarten classes in public schools.

  • HB 1645 (Lozano, et al.) Relating to requiring certain school districts to adopt a policy allowing students who participate in Special Olympics to earn a letter on that basis.

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For longer summaries of these bills and others that TASA is tracking, search for the bill number using the online TASA Bill Tracker.