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Huberty Files HB 22 on Public School Accountability

03.09.2017 — On Thursday afternoon, Texas House Public Education Committee Chair Dan Huberty filed HB 22 relating to the public school accountability system. TASA Governmental Relations staff are reviewing the specifics of the bill, but noteworthy changes include:
  • moving from five domains of achievement indicators to three
  • assigning A-F grades to each of the three domains but not assigning an overall A-F grade to schools/districts
  • reducing the weight of standardized tests from 55 to 50 percent
  • changing the performance rating of “D” to reflect performance “in need of improvement”
  • requiring “what if” performance ratings to be issued in 2017 and 2018
  • delaying implementation of the A-F system to 2019

See the text of the bill.