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TEA Issues New Guidance on Cameras in Special Education Classrooms

09.29.2016 — TEA issued a letter to administrators September 28 that provides districts with additional guidance on SB 507, the new law that requires districts to install cameras in special education classrooms upon request of a parent, trustee, or staff member.

It says that due to the September 13 Texas attorney general’s opinion, which TEA requested earlier this year to clarify the language of the legislation, the agency will now propose revisions to the definition of the term of “staff member” and propose minor edits to clarify the rules it adopted in August.

In the opinion, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said that school districts must “provide equipment, including a video camera, to each school ... in which a student who receives special education services in a self-contained classroom or other special education setting is enrolled.”

TEA’s latest letter states: “To the extent that a school district or open-enrollment charter school has adopted policies that are inconsistent with the Texas Attorney General’s opinion, it would be well advised to revise the policies consistent with the opinion.”

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