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Sample Documentation for Minutes Bill Compliance for 2016-17 School Year

09.19.2016 — HB 2610 changed the unit of measure for required instruction from 180 days to 75,600 minutes and defines a day of instruction as 420 minutes. While the bill was effective in 2015-16, there was no requirement that districts modify information submitted through PEIMS or TEDS until the 2016-17 school year.

In August 2016, TEA sent a letter to administrators related to HB 2610 that included the following information on calendar reporting:

  • Beginning with the 2016­-17 school year, districts and charter schools are required to submit calendars for all campuses to TEA to demonstrate compliance with the new statute. This submission will take place as part of the third PEIMS submission due June 22, 2017.

  • Documentation on the submission requirements for campus calendars can be found online here:

  • Calendar data will be reported using the Reporting Period Extension and Calendar Date Extension complex types.

  • Questions related to data submissions should be directed through the TSDS Incident Management System (TIMS) or emailed to

While the documentation on submission requirements for campus calendars provides information on how districts should submit information to TEA, it does not provide direction or examples for maintaining local documentation that will be helpful to districts when it is time to submit data.

Hudson ISD superintendent Mary Ann Whiteker has shared the spreadsheets her district is using to document minutes at the campus level for 2016-17. Included is information on start and end dates for multiple reporting periods, school day minutes, weekends, holidays, staff development waiver days, and shortened school days, among other data.

Download the elementary campus example spreadsheet.

Download the middle school campus example spreadsheet.

Download the high school campus example spreadsheet.

These spreadsheets, modified with your own district’s data, may prove useful in your district’s recordkeeping for 2016-17.