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TASA Responds to STAAR Administration Issues, TEA Posts Update

03.30.2016 — TASA Executive Director Johnny Veselka submitted a letter to Commissioner Mike Morath today in response to the issues associated with this week’s STAAR administration.


The letter asked that students not be required to retake the malfunctioning online tests, and that districts be held harmless from sanctions that might result from related state and federal requirements. Specifically, the letter urged TEA to exclude the results of STAAR A in the affected grade/subject areas from campus and district accountability ratings for this school year.

Read the TASA letter.

TEA Posts Update on STAAR Testing Issues

This afternoon, TEA posted an update on the STAAR testing issues. It states that, according to the testing vendor, districts will be able to resume testing students Thursday, March 31, at 7 a.m. CT, if those students fall into certain specified categories.

TEA also reports that the testing vendor has reported that it will be restoring all the student responses that could be recovered. The students should confirm that their responses are recorded before submitting the test. Campus personnel should continue to check that students’ status is active during the test session. 

For students who have not attempted to take a specific test this week, the required test(s) can be administered on Thursday or Friday.

For students who were not able to complete an online test because of the technology issues related to the STAAR online testing platform, districts are not required to have the students complete the test(s) and should feel under no obligation to do so. Rather, they should determine on an individual student basis whether continuing testing is in the best interest of the student. The agency will ensure that there are no adverse consequences for students who do not resume testing and for districts that elect not to have students resume testing. Subsequent correspondence will communicate how this testing decision will be fairly addressed in such areas as SSI requirements, performance-based monitoring, and accountability. 

Read the full TEA update.