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Commissioner Proposes New STAAR Passing Standards Phase-in Approach

10.06.2015 — On Tuesday Commissioner of Education Michael Williams advised school districts and charters of his recommendation to replace the current phase-in schedule for the STAAR student passing standards with a revised approach.


The STAAR performance standards have been at phase-in 1 for the past four years, and have been scheduled to move to the more rigorous phase-in 2 passing standard this school year. Under new proposed rules, the traditional phase-in approach would be replaced with a standard progression approach. Rather than larger jumps to more rigorous performance standards every few years, this approach would mean smaller, predictable increases every year through the 2021-22 school year.


The formal rule proposal will be published in the Texas Register on October 16, 2015. A 30-day public comment period will then begin. The proposed rules to move to a standard progression approach can be accessed on the TEA website. Public comments can be sent to


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