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Texas House Sends Three More Bills to Senate on May 8

05.11.2015 — On Friday, in addition to amending HB 3453 (which the House passed on third reading Monday, May 11) to order an interim study on the impact of proposed changes to TRS-ActiveCare rather than voting to make those changes, the House also passed several bills:

  • HB 1431 by Susan King would require the SBOE, in consultation with the commissioner of higher education and business and industry leaders, to develop an advanced language course that school districts may use to provide students with instruction in industry-related terminology that prepares students to communicate in a language other than English, in a specific professional, business, or industry environment.

  • HB 2014 by Kenneth Sheets would allow the experience that a current or former member of the U.S. armed services has obtained in a trade through military service count toward the CTE education certification requirement of holding a license or other professional credential in that trade.

  • HB 2025 by Larry Gonzales would allow participation in the three-year high school diploma plan pilot program by a district with an enrollment of more than 5,000 but less than 7,000 students and located primarily in a county that contains the headwaters of the San Gabriel River.

These bills now go to the Senate for consideration.