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Texas House Approves Interim Study of TRS-ActiveCare Changes Proposed by HB 3453 as Filed

05.08.2015 — Friday the House heard HB 3453, which, as filed, would have allowed districts to opt in and out of TRS-ActiveCare and authorized TRS to establish a regional rating method for determining premiums.

Earlier this week, TASA called on school leaders to urge their representatives to oppose the bill and ask them to instead conduct an interim study to assess the impact the changes would have, as the fiscal note of the bill indicated the changes could have resulted in increased premiums for most school employees.

Today, the House passed an amendment to HB 3453 that strikes the language that would have required the changes and adds a provision that requires the establishment of a joint interim committee on TRS-ActiveCare to study the impact of the changes proposed by the bill’s original language. The committee would be composed of six senators appointed by the lieutenant governor and six members of the House appointed by the speaker of the House. It would have to issue its report by January 1, 2017.