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URGENT: Please Ask Your State Representative to Vote YES on HB 2811 Today!

05.08.2015 — The House will vote on HB 2811 today (see link to live video). The bill:

  • Requires the SBOE to review the TEKS and narrow the number and scope for each subject and grade level.

  • Requires the SBOE to consider whether teachers have time to teach and students have time to master the TEKS within a year. 

  • Requires the SBOE to ensure that a revision of the TEKS does not result in a need for the adoption of new instructional materials.

  • Limits SBOE-issued proclamations (calls for the production of instructional materials) to those with total projected costs not exceeding 75 percent of the total amount of the instructional materials allotment (IMA).

  • Requires the SBOE to consider the cost of all instructional materials AND technology requirements for that state fiscal biennium when determining the disbursement of funds to the Available School Fund and the amount of that disbursement that will be used.

HB 2811 will ensure that the projected cost of proclamations do not exceed 75 percent of the IMA in each biennium. This will provide districts with more discretion on how to use the IMA.

In the past, proclamations have been so large that districts have had very little leftover funds to use for technology. Approximately $60 million has been spent on technology this biennium, as opposed to $270 million when the state had a designated technology allotment. 

The bill also directs the SBOE to consider the costs of instructional materials AND technology requirements of districts when it decides how much money it will transfer from the Permanent School Fund to the Legislature. State law stipulates that 50 percent of this transfer will fund the IMA.

Find your House member’s contact information, and call today!