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House Public Education Committee Discusses HB 1759 School Finance Bill

04.07.2015 — The House Public Education Committee met today, and Chairman Jimmie Don Aycock laid out HB 1759. He began by noting that the goal was to do what is best for Texas’ 5.2 million Texas public school students, and to also try to simplify the school finance system.

Aycock stated that no school will lose funding for the 2015-17 biennium under this plan. He noted that the bill does not deal with the weights and facility funding, but that they are important issues that will need to be addressed in the 2017 legislative session. The bill adds approximately $3 billion above the funding needed to cover enrollment growth.

HB 1759 Highlights:

  • Increases the Basic Allotment (BA) from $5,040 to $5,888
  • Raises the Equalized Wealth Level to $588,800
  • Repeals the CEI and flows the funding through the BA
  • Repeals the transportation allotment and flows the funding through the BA ($125 ADA = small district adjustment)
  • Flows funding from the High School Allotment through the BA
  • Flows Additional Aid for Nonprofessional Salary through the BA
  • Repeals the 1992-93 chapter 41 Hold Harmless
  • Extends the CTE allotment to eighth-grade students
  • Phases out the Midsized Adjustment over several years at 5 percent
  • Does not change small school adjustments
  • Moves the majority of schools from ASATR to the formulas by flowing funding through the BA
  • Addresses the issue of fractional funding up to $1.00

The committee did not take public testimony today but will at a future hearing. The bill was left pending. View the committee substitute, district runs, and Summary of Information. TASA will provide updates on this bill as it progresses.