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Texas House of Representatives to Debate School Funding and Vouchers

03.31.2015 — Today at noon, the Texas House of Representatives will begin debating more than 350 amendments to HB 1, the Appropriations Act. Included in the amendments are several relating to:

  • providing additional funding to public schools
  • prohibiting public money from being used to fund vouchers and tax credit scholarships, and
  • prohibiting school districts from receiving state funding if they violate the Texas Constitution

As in previous sessions, the budget debate is likely to last several hours and conclude late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

Rep. Abel Herrero of Robstown is once again offering an anti-voucher amendment to HB 1. In 2013, he offered a similar amendment, and more than 100 representatives supported it. Today’s vote on the amendment will be indicative of the will of the Texas House to address voucher and tax credit scholarship legislation currently pending in the Texas Senate.

Please encourage your state representative to support amendments that provide additional funding for public schools and to support the anti-voucher amendment filed by Rep. Herrero.

Watch the live broadcast of the House budget debate.

Look up your state representative.