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SBOE Members Ask Commissioner to Provide Accountability Relief for Grades 3-8 Math

02.16.2015 — During the State Board of Education meeting, February 11-13, SBOE member Donna Bahorich invited her fellow Board members to join her in signing a letter addressed to Commissioner Michael Williams, asking him to provide relief from accountability requirements associated with Grades 3-8 math for the 2014-15 school year and possibly 2015-16.

Fourteen members of the Board, who have been actively engaged in discussions regarding the revised math standards in recent months, and who approved the new standards in 2012, signed the request. In signing the letter, they indicated their support for "a 'report only,' 'hold harmless' or other equally helpful relief from accountability requirements for math grades 3rd-8th for the 2014-15 school year." They also requested that Commissioner Williams focus on "other ways the agency could support and work with districts and education service centers to ensure the high quality, content-specific professional development for teachers necessary over the next two years for a successful math standards implementation." TASA staff, working with individual board members, offered support for the request.