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Senate Education Committee and House Ways & Means Committee to Hear Voucher Bills Tuesday

Immediate Action Needed!

Contact members of these committees (listed below) and urge them to oppose these bills that divert public money from public schools - either directly as voucher programs or indirectly via tax credits!   

Senate Education Meeting – Tuesday, April 9 – 8:30 a.m.

  • SB 23 (Patrick) would establish the Texas Equal Opportunity Scholarship voucher program, which provides business with tax credits for donations made to third-party donation aggregators that would then award scholarships to students to attend private schools. The students must be either at-risk of dropping out or from households making less than 200 percent times the threshold required for free school lunch.
  • SB 1575 (Campbell) would establish a taxpayer savings grant voucher program that would provide parents who send their children to a private school with a reimbursement equal to the lesser of either the school tuition or 60 percent of the average state maintenance and operations spending per student. The program would be restricted to students entering kindergarten or first grade or those who have spent the entire year prior in public school.
  • SB 115 (Williams) (Pending Business) would create a school choice program for students with disabilities by opening up the existing Public Education Grant program to include a student with disabilities, regardless of the academic performance of the campus to which that student is regularly assigned. 
  • SB 1298 (Hegar) (Pending Business) would significantly expand the role and eligibility of electronic course providers in public schools. The bill would require students to take at least one electronic course in either grade six or higher and expands the type of entities that may provide electronic courses. The bill would also require districts to develop multiple versions of an examination for credit for a particular grade level or subject for all subsequent administrations of the exams during the same school year. 

House Ways & Means Committee Meeting – Tuesday, April – 2 p.m. or upon final adjournment

HB 3245 (Callegari) would create educational assistance organizations whose primary purpose would be to award scholarships to or paying educational expenses for eligible students enrolled in public or nonpublic elementary or secondary schools. A taxable entity may claim a franchise or insurance premium tax credit for money contributed to a certified educational assistance organization and designated for scholarships or educational expense assistance for eligible students. To qualify for assistance a student must be in foster care, institutional care or have household income not greater than 200% of the income guideline necessary to qualify for the national free or reduced-price lunch program.

Contact information for Senate Education Committee Members:


  • Senator Dan Patrick, chair, 512-463-0107
  • Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr., vice-chair, 512-463-0127
  • Senator Donna Campbell, 512-463-0125
  • Senator Robert Duncan, 512-463-0128
  • Senator Ken Paxton, 512-463-0108
  • Senator Kel Seliger, 512-463-0131
  • Senator Larry Taylor, 512-463-0111
  • Senator Leticia Van de Putte, 512-463-0126
  • Senator Royce West, 512-463-0123


Contact information for House Ways & Means Committee Members:


  • Representative Harvey Hilderbran, chair, 512-463-0536
  • Representative John Otto, vice-chair, 512-463-0570
  • Representative Dwayne Bohac, 512-463-0727
  • Representative Angie Chen Button, 512-463-0486
  • Representative Craig Eiland, 512-463-0502
  • Representative Naomi Gonzalez, 512-463-0622
  • Representative Trey Martinez Fischer, 512-463-0616
  • Representative Allan Ritter, 512-463-0706
  • Representative Mark Strama, 512-463-0821