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Contact your Senator Today Asking Them to Support SB 3 and SB 1724

On Wednesday, March 27, the Texas Senate will take up and consider two important bills that would make improvements to graduation plans (SB 3) and reduce state required assessments (SB 1724). Sen. Patrick is carrying both bills and has made assurances that he will roll the contents of SB 1724 into SB 3 on the Senate floor.  

Together these two bills:

  • Reduce the overemphasis of high-stakes testing by reducing the number of required end-of-course exams from 15 to 7 (5 days).  English I, English II, Algebra I, Biology, and U.S. History.  (Reading and writing will be combined into a single test result for English I & II, and be taken on the same day).
  • Eliminate the cumulative score requirement and the 15% rule.
  • Create a single “foundation” diploma that will better prepare students for post secondary opportunities and allow them flexibility to earn endorsements in the following areas:  Business & Industry, STEM, Arts & Humanities, or Distinguished

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Amendments to this bill will be brought up and debated Wednesday on the Senate floor.

Urge your Senator to oppose any floor amendments that would: 

  • Increase the number of EOCs required to be administered, regardless of whether they count for graduation or “local diagnostic” purposes.
  • Change any of the EOCs listed above to different EOCs that would be required for graduation purposes.
  • Make the foundation program or endorsements more prescriptive and less flexible for students to pursue courses of interest.

Other features of SB 3 and SB 1724:

Creates a 26-credit “foundation” diploma consisting of:

  • 4 ELA credits
  • 3 math credits
  • 3 science credits
  • 3 social studies credits including U.S. History, government, economics
  • 2 credits in same language other than English or 2 computer programming;
  • 1 P.E. credit;
  • 1 fine arts credit;
  • 0.5 credit speech; and
  • 8.5 elective credits.