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Senate Education Committee Will Consider Patrick’s Graduation Bill on Tuesday

The Senate Education Committee is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, March 19, to consider action on four pending bills, including two of Sen. Patrick’s bills–SB 2 relating to charter schools and SB 1724 which would create one diploma plan (with endorsements) and amend the current testing requirements for graduation. The committee will also discuss five bills with public testimony limited to 2 minutes per person that include:

SB 17 (Patrick | et al.) Relating to the training in school safety of certain employees of a school district or an open-enrollment charter school authorized to carry a concealed handgun on school premises.

SB 65 (Nelson) Relating to a program to recognize public schools with successful student health and fitness programs.

SB 453 (Deuell) Relating to payment of tuition to attend public schools for students holding certain United States student visas.

SB 832 (Davis) Relating to training for school district liaisons who assist students in the conservatorship of the state with school enrollments and transfers.

SB 833 (Davis) Relating to the aggregation of data in the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) regarding public school students in foster care.

Testimony will not be taken on any of the pending bills.