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Chairman Aycock Files HB 5 That Covers Graduation Plans, Testing and Accountability

This morning Chairman Aycock released HB 5, a comprehensive bill that covers issues related to graduation requirements, student assessment, and accountability. In a signal of bipartisan support, every member of the House Public Education Committee signed onto HB 5 as a co-author. 

"This bill gives students more options and educators more flexibility," said Aycock in a press release. "Students will have more freedom to select courses that reflect their interests and talents."

Mary Ann Whitaker, Hudson ISD Superintendent and TASA Legislative Chair, said:

"We commend chairman Aycock and applaud the provisions in HB 5.  This legislation reflects the ongoing conversations among parents, business leaders, educators and legislators regarding needed changes to the current high stakes testing regime. This bill maintains the rigor, while providing students the flexibility to pursue college or career interests.”

A summary of HB 5 is attached and will be posted on the TASA Governmental Relations Resource page.