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TEA Revises 8th Grade Calculator Requirement

Today, TEA sent notice to school districts authorizing the use ofcalculator apps for 8th grade STAAR mathematics for the 2014–15 schoolyear.  The letter to administrators notes that the use of appswill be allowed on a pilot basis.  Districts can satisfy thegraphing calculator requirement with either a handheld calculator or agraphing calculator app that is available on an electronictablet.  The agency is still prohibiting the use of smartphones.

"After extensive feedback from superintendents across our state coupledwith conversations with agency staff, I am allowing a broader array oftechnology to meet the 8th grade calculator requirement,” saidCommissioner Williams. “While I recognize this revised policy will notaddress all concerns and may still require some districts to purchaseadditional technology, I am hopeful this policy will enable us toprovide some flexibility."

TEArevised policy