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The Texas High Performance Schools Consortium Is Committed to Creating Student-Centered Schools, Future-Ready Students

The Texas High Performance Schools Consortium has developed a concept paper on Transforming Texas Public Schools that describes how the 23 districts will work to carry out their charge established in SB 1557 (82nd Texas Legislature) to improve student learning in the state.

The Consortium was established to inform the governor, legislature, and commissioner of education on methods for transforming Texas public schools by improving student learning through the implementation of four principles:

  1. Digital learning – Engagement of students in digital learning, including, but not limited to, engagement through the use of electronic textbooks and instructional materials and courses offered through the Texas Virtual School Network;

  2. Learning standards – Standards that a student must master to be successful in a competitive postsecondary environment;

  3. Multiple assessments – Various methods of determining student progress capable of being used to inform students, parents, school districts, and open-enrollment charter schools, on an ongoing basis, concerning the extent to which learning is occurring and the actions Consortium participants are taking to improve learning; and

  4. Local control – Ways in which reliance on local input and decision-making enable communities and parents to be involved in the important decisions regarding the education of their children.

Despite the veto of HB 2824 (the bill that would have provided the Consortium with the necessary space and flexibility to function as a pilot program), the 23 school districts are committed to fulfilling their mission. The Consortium is continuing its work to improve student learning with a focus on digital learning environments; to teach students to truly understand and apply meaningful content, rather than memorize information to pass a high-stakes test; and to assess students in more authentic ways so that all students are future ready.

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