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"Transformation" the Featured Topic at AASA's National Conference

At the AASA national conference held Feb. 21-23, a common theme emerged from presenters and keynote speakers alike, emphasizing the need to create a new vision for education and the importance of local leadership in school transformation and reform.

To illustrate that ground-breaking education policies can be successfully created and implemented, TASA's associate executive director Susan Holley presented a session outlining how the Visioning work began in Texas after adversarial legislative relations led to the need for educators to forge their own path for success.  Read the article

Former state superintendent of schools in Ohio, Assistant Secretary of Elementary and Secondary Education Deb Delisle, presented a Thought Leader session on the importance of strategically and creatively transforming the school culture to engage and meet the needs of all children. Read the article

Keynote speaker Yong Zhao closed out the last General Session with the message that diversity, creativity and local control can transform American public schools.

"I imagine this race to the top, where we push everybody off so that there’s no child left behind," he said. Read the article