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TEA Releases THPSC Report

Commissioner of Education Michael Williams submitted the report titled Update on the Progress of the Texas High Performance Schools Consortium to the 83rd Texas Legislature just before the holidays.

In a letter to Gov. Perry and Texas legislators, Commissioner Williams said of the 10 waivers sought by the Consortium, three could be addressed by the Texas Education Agency while the other seven would require legislative action.

"In anticipation of a broader conversation during the upcoming legislative session regarding assessment, accountability and graduation requirements, I have chosen neither to endorse nor reject the report’s recommendations at this time," said Williams.

Though there is already a great deal of discussion about possible changes to the state’s assessment and accountability systems, the work of the Consortium is not about short-term tweaks to the current system but rather recommendations for a future system that will meet general state standards while allowing for local school district customization to meet the needs of the community.

According to SB 1557, the Consortium was created with the purpose of informing the governor, legislature, and commissioner on methods of transforming public schools through four principles that include digital learning, learning standards, multiple assessments, and local control. To meet this legislative requirement, the Consortium has established six working group teams and charged them with proposing systems and processes related to:

  1. High Priority Learning Standards and the Digital Learning Environment
  2. Assessment and Accountability
  3. Waivers
  4. Communications
  5. Transition
  6. Evaluation

The Consortium has just begun its work and expects to release an addendum to the December report in early 2013 to provide an update on its progress. 

Read the complete report and Commissioner Williams' response.