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SBOE Seeks Applicants to Serve on ELA/R, SLA/R TEKS Review Committees; Opportunity offers New Focus on Learning Standards

03.09.2015 — Since the formation of the Texas High Performance Schools Consortium and the addition of our Consortium Associates partners, we have been working on defining the critical attributes of high-priority learning standards (HPLS) and developing a proposed strategy for the development of these standards. HPLS would provide a clear and coherent description of the content, depth of knowledge, and skills students are expected to master to be prepared for success in college and careers in a rapidly changing world.

Over the past several months, TASA staff and representatives of Consortium and Consortium Associates’ districts have been engaged in a dialogue with members of the State Board of Education and TEA staff concerning the potential benefit that our standards work could provide to the TEKS review and revision process.

We have been invited to assist in preparing for the review of the English Language Arts/Reading and Spanish Language Arts/Reading TEKS. We now have an extraordinary opportunity to engage in this work. The applications for the SBOE TEKS Review Committees are now available on the TEA website.

To assist the SBOE in developing standards that will enable deeper learning opportunities for students, it is important that the review committees include content specialists, curriculum and standards writers, and district curriculum experts with an understanding of the pre-K to 12 articulated curriculum.

Please consider identifying and encouraging appropriate staff from your district to complete the application to serve on the English or Spanish Language Arts/Reading TEKS Review Committee. We hope to identify people with specific knowledge and experiences to fill these committees. They might be teachers, but they could have other positions of leadership in your district. Note that the application form includes a request for information regarding the applicant’s experience in district curriculum development or standards writing. Consideration should be give to applicants who:

  • Currently teach, coach, or lead ELA/R or SLA/R subjects at any grade level
  • Are meaningfully engaged with the school and/or district in transformation work
  • Have a deep understanding of and commitment to high-priority learning standards
  • Desire to engage in the work and willing to commit the time necessary

Please ask staff to submit applications to TEA promptly, as the deadline is April 6, 2015, for applications submitted to TEA by email or fax. Please feel free to contact Susan Holley at TASA if you have any questions.