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Sunset Commission Issues Revised Report on TEA

The Sunset Commission released a 117-page report on the Texas Education Agency and concluded that TEA should be reauthorized as a state agency. The Sunset Commission also made several recommendations, including that:

  1. further improvements are needed with regard to oversight of the state testing contract and its procurement;
  2. outdated statutory provisions should be eliminated, including "outdated statutory requirements regarding academic performance indicators and campus distinction designation committees;"
  3. TEA needs greater authority to intervene in annexation of insolvent school districts and flexibility to annex a school district for financial or accreditation problems;
  4. the commissioner needs improved power to investigate educator misconduct and should create a matrix to guide application of sanctions for misconduct;
  5. TEA should improve regulation of educator preparation programs; and,

Hearing dates are tentatively scheduled for November 12-13, with a final hearing tentatively set for December 10. Submit input on the Sunset Commission's review of the agency by October 17.