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Updates to iTunes U App Allows Teachers to Create Content on iPads

On Tuesday, Apple launched its newly updated iTunes U app that allows teachers to create, edit and manage entire courses directly on their iPad.


Teachers already had access to the free iTunes U app, but they weren't able to create content using that tool; instead, they could only create content on a Mac or personal computer with a web-based course manager.

The new updates to iTunes U give teachers full course creation capabilities on the iPad, with the ability to directly add rich content and instructional materials from TASA on iTunes U, iWork®, iBooks® Author or any of the more than 75,000 educational apps available. In addition, students using an iPad in an iTunes U course will now be able to collaborate with their classmates and teachers.

"The enhanced collaborative capabilities in iTunes U will help bring student voice into the experience. With the ability to interact with their peers and teacher, this version of iTunes U will allow students greater flexibility in how they share their reading and writing," said Eric Simpson, English Language Arts Content Lead for TASA on iTunes U and Secondary ELA Supervisor at Lewisville ISD.

With the new Discussions tool in the iTunes U app, students can automatically follow classroom discussions, join conversations, or create push notifications when new topics are started or replies are added to active exchanges. Teachers can also participate in forums and have the ability to moderate discussions by removing any off-topic messages or replies.

"This new feature of the iTunes U app provides an avenue for learners to demonstrate levels of mastery, allowing the educator to adjust instruction in response to individual student needs. The new Discussions function takes iTunes U from one-way to multi-way communication – putting the needs of learners at the forefront," said Mary Kemper, Director of Mathematics at Coppell ISD and Math Content Lead for TASA on iTunes U.