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TASA Releases HB 5 College Prep Resources on iTunes U®

AUSTIN—The Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) announces the expansion of digital resources in TASA on iTunes U® to now include content that school districts may use to satisfy the college preparatory course requirements in House Bill 5. 

House Bill 5 requires school districts to partner with at least one institution of higher education to develop and provide college preparatory courses in both English language arts and mathematics for 12th grade students whose performance indicates the student is not yet ready for college-level coursework. According to statute, these courses must be offered on the high school campus, through distance learning, or as an online course provided through the institution of higher education with which the district has partnered.

Building upon the existing resources available in TASA on iTunes U®, TASA engaged experienced teachers, content specialists, and higher education faculty to create a collection of digital resources that are aligned with the Texas College and Career Readiness Standards and the TEKS. Districts can rely on this vetted compilation of interactive, online content to develop–in consultation with their higher education partner–their own college preparatory courses in responding to this HB 5 requirement.

TASA's HB 5 college preparatory course resource collections can be accessed by searching for Texas Association of School Administrators in the iTunes U catalog or by visiting Once in the TASA on iTunes U library, search for the course titles, HB 5 College Preparatory Mathematics and HB 5 College Preparatory English, to subscribe to the two course resource collections.


The statute that requires school districts to develop and provide college preparatory mathematics and English language arts courses can be found in the Texas Education Code, chapter 28.014 (TEC 28.014).

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