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Senate Education Committee to Consider House Pre-K Bill, Senate Bills on Teacher Salaries on April 30

04.29.2015 — The Senate Education Committee will meet at 9 a.m., Thursday, April 30, to consider the following bills:

  • HB 4 by Dan Huberty, et al. would give schools at least $130 million, up to $1,500 per student, to improve pre-K programs in districts that meet certain requirements. It was passed by the full House April 9. Read the latest version.

  • SB 625 by Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa would prohibit the use of OC spray, stun guns, or Tasers by school district peace officers, security personnel, and other employees or peace officers to subdue students on school-property or while attending school-sponsored or school-related activities off of school property. The prohibition would not apply if a student possesses a weapon and the person sees the weapon and believes the student poses an imminent risk of causing bodily injury to another person. A presumption that a student possesses a weapon would not be sufficient.

  • SB 1004 by Paul Bettencourt relates to the school district students to whom certain public junior colleges may offer certain courses and programs. It would allow a public junior college with a service area located wholly or party in a county with a population of more than 3 million or in a county adjacent to that county to enter into an articulation agreement under Education Code 29.402(a) with any school district located wholly or partly in a county with a population of more than 3 million.

  • SB 1058 by Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa would require the superintendent or director of a school district, open-enrollment charter school, regional ESC, or shared services arrangement to notify the commissioner if an educator employed by or seeking employment by one of the listed entities has a criminal record and the entity obtained information about it by a means other than the criminal history clearinghouse. The entities would be required to notify the commissioner if an educator’s employment was terminated based on evidence that the educator was involved in a romantic relationship with or solicited or engaged in sexual contact with a student or minor. They would also be required to notify the commissioner if the educator resigned and there is evidence that the educator engaged in conduct described in 21.006(b)(2). The superintendent or director would: complete an investigation based on evidence that the educator may have abused or was involved romantically or sexually with a student despite the educator’s resignation before completion of the investigation; notify SBEC by filing a report not later than the seventh day after the superintendent or director knew or should have known about an employee’s criminal record or a termination or resignation following an alleged incident of misconduct; and notify SBEC in writing if the person obtained information that an applicant for or holder of a certificate has a reported criminal history by a means other than the criminal history clearinghouse.

  • SB 1303 by Jose Menendez would modify public school teachers’ salaries. For 2015-16, a classroom teacher would be entitled to a minimum monthly salary equal to the sum of the monthly salary the teacher would have received under the district’s 2014-15 salary schedule if it had been in effect in 2015-16, including any local supplement and career ladder supplement the teacher would have received, and $400. The bill would set this amount as the minimum salary for a classroom teacher employed by a district in 2015-16 for as long as the teacher is employed by the same district. Effective September 1, 2017, the bill would repeal Education Code 21.402(c-1), which sets forth the minimum monthly salary for each year of experience. The bill would also modify the calculation of additional state aid for staff salary increases by adding a third figure to the equation to determine the amount to which a district is entitled. This additional figure would be the product of $4,000 multiplied by the number of classroom teachers employed by the district. HB 1383 is identical to SB 1303.

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