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House Public Education Committee to Hear Senate’s Campus A-F Rating Bill, Others on April 28

04.24.2015 — The House Public Education Committee will meet at 8 a.m., Tuesday, April 28, to hear testimony on the following bills:
  • HB 233 by Jessica Farrar would authorize social work services in school districts to: assist students and families; alleviate barriers; link home, school, and community together; and promote advocacy. The bill requires a social worker employed by a school district to collaborate with school administrators and other school professionals to enhance student-learning environments.

  • HB 1231 by Allen Fletcher, et al. would add chiropractors to the list of licensed health care professionals who can serve on a district’s concussion oversight team.

  • HB 1783 by Joe Moody would allow an employee of a school district or open-enrollment charter school to report a crime witnessed at the school to any peace officer with authority to investigate the crime. A district or charter school could not adopt a policy requiring an employee to refrain from reporting a crime witnessed at the school or to report a crime witnessed at the school only to certain persons or peace officers. The bill would also modify current law related to the offense of misuse of official information to replace the reference to a principal of a school with a reference to a school administrator in the provision regarding coercing another to suppress or fail to report information to a law enforcement agency.

  • HB 1935 by Ken King, et al. relates to additional state aid for tax reduction provided to certain school districts. It would amend Education Code 42.2516(i) to provide that the Legislature by appropriation would establish the percentage to be applied for purposes of subsections (b)(1) and (2) and (d)(1) related to additional state aid for tax reduction.

  • HB 2017 by Rick Miller would allow the commissioner to grant a public junior or senior college or university a charter for an open-enrollment charter school to operate in any Texas county rather than only the county in which the college or university campus is located. HB 2017 is identical to SB 955.

  • HB 2151 by Tracy King would provide that a school board is not required to address a complaint it receives concerning a student’s participation in an extracurricular activity that does not involve a violation of a right guaranteed by Education Code Chapter 26.

  • HB 2156 by Gary VanDeaver would add Education Code, Chapter 32, Subchapter G, “School Technology Service Providers.” The bill would define school service as an Internet website, mobile application, or online service designed and marketed for use in schools at the direction of teachers or other employees and designed to collect, maintain, or use student personal information, as defined in the bill. The bill would require a school service provider to provide to students, parents, schools, or teachers clear information about the type of student personal information collected, the manner in which it is used or shared, notice of any change to the privacy policy, and access to information collected with a method to correct inaccuracies. A provider could collect, use, or share student personal information only for purposes authorized by the school or teacher using the service, or with consent of the student or parent. The provider could not sell the information, use or share it for targeted advertisements, or use it to create student profiles other than for supporting authorized purposes or with consent. The bill would impose duties on the school service provider to safeguard the student personal information and limitations on retention of the information.

  • HB 2218 by Garnet Coleman would require that any minimum academic qualifications for a certificate specified under Education Code 21.044(a) that require a person to possess a bachelor’s degree must also require that the person receive instruction regarding mental health, substance abuse, and youth suicide. HB 2218 is identical to SB 674.

  • HB 2593 by Four Price relates to the method of determining the average daily attendance in certain school districts.

  • HB 2928 by Ryan Guillen would repeal the current provision that a child must be enrolled in public school by a parent, guardian, or other person with legal control under a court order.

  • HB 3260 by Abel Herrero would require the commissioner to select a center for education research to conduct a study regarding the use of open-source instructional materials at public schools. The study would include analyses and evaluations of specific information. TEA would submit the report and recommendations to the legislative public education committees by September 1, 2016.

  • HB 3281 by James Frank would address issues related to open-enrollment charter school accountability. For purposes of determining charter renewal and/or revocation, a charter holder’s first performance rating or financial accountability rating could not be considered. The bill would further address the circumstances under which these ratings could be considered.

  • HB 3282 by Ron Simmons, et al. would require the commissioner to establish and administer an autism program to provide applied behavior analysis services to students with autism spectrum disorder through grant contracts between school districts and participating entities, to the extent funds are appropriated for this purpose.

  • HB 3417 by Diego Bernal would allow a student enrolled in a special education program to earn an endorsement on the student’s diploma or transcript by successfully completing, with or without modification, the curriculum requirements and the additional endorsement curriculum requirements, and successfully completing, with or without modification, all curriculum requirements for that endorsement if the courses are part of a coherent sequence of coursework that lead to a recognized business or industry certification or license. The student’s ARD committee would determine if the student is required to achieve satisfactory performance on an end-of-course assessment instrument to earn an endorsement.

  • HB 3546 by Morgan Meyer would allow a school board to establish a higher minimum passing standard that is greater than the 80th percentile and equal to or less than the 90th percentile on an examination for acceleration or credit under Education Code 28.023.

  • HB 3815 by Dwayne Bohac would require the SBOE to integrate positive character traits into the essential knowledge and skills adopted for kindergarten through grade 12, as appropriate. Gratitude would be added to the list of positive character traits to be included under Education Code 29.906(b).

  • HB 3896 by Sylvester Turner would require a school district or open-enrollment charter school to provide instructional materials printed in book format if a student does not have reliable access to technology at home. A district or charter school would document the denial of each parental request for a student to take home instructional materials, including the reason, and report the documentation to TEA within 30 days after the request is made. TEA would submit an annual report to the Legislature by September 1 of each year that identifies the number of parental requests that were denied, including the reason for denial, for each district or charter school.

  • HB 4047 by Alma Allen would provide that an open-enrollment charter school is subject to a prohibition, restriction, or requirement relating to the right of a teacher to be free from coercion and the right of an educator to join or refuse to join any professional association or organization.

  • SB 6 by Larry Taylor would require Texas campuses to receive A-F performance ratings rather than ratings of exemplary, recognized, acceptable, or unacceptable. Two amendments were made to the bill in the Senate. One requires the commissioner of education to provide campus and district grades for each indicator used to develop the overall letter grade. The other delays implementation until 2017-18 so that it would follow a review of the accountability system called for by Sen. Taylor’s SB 1200, which has been passed out of the Senate Education Committee but has not yet been considered by the full Senate.

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