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Full House to Consider SB 149 Graduation Committee Bill on April 21

04.20.2015 — SB 149 will be debated on the House floor Tuesday. This bill would provide some relief to students who have successfully completed all of their coursework but will not graduate from high school because they failed to pass a single end-of-course exam.

The bill would require school districts to set up an individual graduation committee for each 11th or 12th grader who has failed no more than one EOC. The committee would determine if the student would qualify to graduate.

The committee would include the:

  • principal or principal’s designee
  • teacher of the course for which the student failed the EOC exam
  • student’s counselor, and
  • student’s parent, person standing in parental relation, an advocate, or the student, if age 18

The committee must recommend additional requirements the student must meet to be eligible to graduate, including additional remediation, as well as the completion of a project related to the subject area of the course for which the student failed the EOC exam or use of portfolio work samples in the subject area of the course. The bill allows students to submit previously completed coursework to satisfy a recommended requirement.

If the House passes SB 149, it will go back to the Senate, which must accept any House amendments or the bill will go to conference committee.

Please contact your state representatives and ask them to support SB 149.