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Sen. Kel Seliger’s SB 149 Passes Texas Senate

03.17.2015 — Sen. Seliger’s SB 149 relating to alternative methods for satisfying certain public high school graduation requirements, including the use of individual graduation committees, passed the Senate today with a vote of 28 ayes and 2 nays. Four amendments were adopted as well.
  • Amendment one – A technical correction
  • Amendment two – A district must ensure a good faith effort is made to notify parents/guardians/advocates/students (if the student is an emancipated minor) of the time, place, and purpose for convening the graduation committee. The district must also provide an appropriate translator, if available, for the designated person, if that person is unable to speak English.
  • Amendment three – Despite any action a graduation committee takes, a district must still administer an EOC to a student who has previously failed the EOC. The campus and district will continue to be held accountable for the test results.
  • Amendment four – A district must report through PEIMS the number of students awarded a diploma based on a graduation committee decision not later than December 1 of the school year following the year the student is awarded a diploma.

SB 149 now goes to the House for consideration.