Student Membership

  • Who's Eligible:

    For individuals currently enrolled in a college or university department of educational administration who are not employed in a full-time administrative position, other than at the campus level.

    Membership Dues, 2019-20:

    Student Membership — $50 (Student members do NOT have the right to vote, hold office, or receive legal support from TASA).

    Why Join?

    • Connect with practicing school administrators for professional networking and potential career advancement.
    • Stay up to date on the latest in public education via TASA communications and information resources.
    • Benefit from the association’s proactive governmental advocacy efforts.
    • Engage in transformational learning opportunities.

Student Verification Process

  • Individuals interested in student membership should first complete the online TASA Student Membership Verification form, which will require a current student ID#, college/university attending, sponsoring professor, and that professor's email address.

    Once your student information has been verified, you will be added to our student group and sent instructions for completing your TASA student membership.