Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter

  • by Liz Wiseman with Greg McKeown

    Vicki Adams Review by Hillsboro ISD Superintendent Vicki Adams
    More than likely, you have had experiences with a variety of types of leadership. Did these leaders cause you and others around you to stretch yourselves and multiply your output, or did they diminish your creative talents and dedication? As administrators and teacher leaders, we are naturally high achievers, and we may have moved into our positions because of our intellectual capacities. But are we utilizing others to the best of their abilities? Are we “Multipliers”? Or are we “Diminishers”? Authors LizWiseman and Greg McKeown share their insightful research in Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter.

    Oftentimes, leaders may feel they have to be the smartest, most talented people in the room to seem successful. These are the people who dominate meetings, think they have all the answers and control the actions of the organization. Wiseman found that these types of leaders zap the energy, capability, and intelligence from their staff. Whether accidental or not, their impact restricts the talents — and reduces the brain power — of the staff. Diminishers continually need a greater number of employees and a larger amount of resources to complete projects and solve problems.

    On the other hand, Multipliers have the ability to get ideas flowing and get more output from fewer team members. They are “genius makers” and have the ability to create or invoke innovation, intelligence, and hard work. Data compared in the book demonstrated that Multipliers can get more than two times the effort, ideas, and creativity from people.
    Wiseman explains in detail five disciplines of Multipliers:
    1. the Talent Magnet, leaders who attract and optimize talent
    2. the Liberator, those who require people’s best thinking
    3. the Challenger, those who extend challenges
    4. the Debate Maker, those who have the ability to ask the tough questions about decisions
    5. the Investor, those who instill accountability
    Wiseman guides us to ask the tough questions, but are we willing to rethink our leadership style? With funds for education dwindling, Multipliers is an engaging manual for school administrators to achieve more with our most valuable resource, our employees. This book can strengthen an entire school district by increasing our ability to tap into the brainpower of our staff members. It actually can change the manner in which we consider leadership and, in turn, impact our students in a positive manner.