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  • 2017 Poll: Reducing Standardized Tests Most Popular Texas Ed Fix

    by Julie Chang, Austin American-Statesman Year Published: February 2017

    "Reducing standardized tests is the most popular way to improve the state’s public school system, according to the results of a poll released by the Texas Tribune and the University of Texas on Wednesday. The internet survey of 1,200 registered voters, conducted Feb. 3-10, found that 21 percent of respondents believed that reducing the number of tests was the most effective way to improve schools, followed closely by increasing funding to schools. According to 13 percent of those surveyed, using state money to send students private schools — a school voucher program sometimes referred to as school choice — was the third most popular choice." Read more.

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  • New Survey Shows Widespread Discontent with STAAR

    by Julie Chang, Austin American-Statesman Year Published: July 2016

    "Most Texans don’t want a state standardized test for public school students anymore, particularly if it penalizes teachers and students for poor performance on the tests. The findings are from an online public survey about the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) and how the state uses the test results to hold students, teachers and school districts accountable. More than 27,000 students, parents, educators, business leaders and others responded to the survey, which State Board of Education Chairwoman Donna Bahorich spearheaded." Read the full article.

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  • TCNGAA Report to the Governor of Texas and Texas Legislature

    by Texas Commission on Next-Generation Assessments and Accountability Year Published: August 2016
    HB 2804, passed by the Texas Legislature in 2015, established the Texas Commission on Next-Generation Assessments and Accountability to develop and make recommendations for new systems of student assessment and public school accountability no later than September 1, 2016. The commission met seven times from January to July 2016 and issued its final report on August 31, 2016. Read the final report. (During the commission’s final meeting in July, the commission approved the nine recommendations to include in the report. Read TASA’s summary of that meeting.)
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  • Texans Speak: Public Feedback on Assessment and Accountability Systems

    by Report by the Texas State Board of Education Year Published: July 2016

    “Texans believe we have too many tests, schools are spending too much time preparing for the state assessments, and too much class time working on the preparation. They want more immediate tests results.” -SBOE Chair Donna Bahorich’s summary of the survey findings. See the full report.

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TASA's Position

  • Advocate that the state student assessment program be limited to only those assessments required to meet ESSA (federal) requirements.

    Advocate for the removal of grade advancement requirements that are tied to the state standardized assessments in reading and math for grades 5 and 8.

    Advocate for the continuation of Individual Graduation Committees with authority to allow students to graduate when the students have successfully completed all required curriculum requirements but have failed no more than two end-of-course exams.