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Local Control/Governance

  • Teacher and Principal Evaluations
    Oppose state-required teacher and principal evaluations being tied to student scores on high-stakes standardized tests. Whether student test scores are factored into a teacher’s/ principal’s evaluation should be a local decision.

    Achievement School Districts
    Oppose the creation of Achievement School Districts. Such interventions should not be considered until the state has an assessment system that is valid and reliable and an accountability system that uses factors other than standardized test scores to determine if a school is failing.

    Parent Trigger
    Oppose any parent trigger or similar legislation that removes authority from locally elected school board members who are directly accountable to all students, parents, local taxpayers, and local businesses.

    Local Debt (ballot language)
    Oppose any legislation that expands ballot language, does not provide accurate information, or that seeks to confuse voters and is inconsistent with ballot language required of other local subdivisions and the state. School districts communicate, seek input, and educate local communities on bond information extensively prior to elections.
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