About TASA

  • Founded in 1925, the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) is the professional association for Texas school administrators, providing networking and professional learning opportunities, legislative advocacy, and targeted communications to support the work of superintendents and other school leaders.


  • We envision innovative, future-focused leaders for every public school student.



  • We believe that:

    1. A quality public education is critical to a healthy democratic society and vital to our state and nation.

    2. The development of leadership capacity is critical to the success of Texas public schools.

    3. Dynamic partnerships are necessary to carry out our work.

    4. We must cultivate a broad network of allies committed to strengthening public education in our state and nation.

    5. The participatory nature of the organization is vital to the success of our mission.

    6. The ideals described in Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas are the compelling principles that guide our pursuit of these enduring aspirations.


  • As our world undergoes increasingly rapid change, a constant truth is that the health of our democratic society depends on improving and defending the quality of public education.

    Transforming the system is vital to the future of our great state and nation – and we have a duty to prepare students for that very future. We have the vision. We have the hard work and history to back it up.

    We have the passion to rally allies and the grit to make it a reality. The leaders who grow within our organization cultivate tomorrow’s leaders. Together, we can strengthen public education for all students.

    Our collaboration is unparalleled. Our commitment is unwavering. Our path is clear ...

    Be the innovative, future-focused leaders that every public school student deserves.

Strategic Framework

  • In 2018, TASA officially launched a long-range plan that will guide the association as it approaches its 100th anniversary in 2025 as well as a new logo and tagline to represent TASA’s vision. The TASA Strategic Framework — the result of more than a year of work by the TASA 2025 Task Force, a group of TASA members from across the state — lays out TASA’s aspirations and outlines the long-term strategies the association will use to reach them. Learn more.