Request Exhibit Space

  • TASA began accepting requests for exhibit space at the 2018 Midwinter Conference on Monday, May 8. The request form is housed inside TASA’s Member Services Center. It requires the following information:

    • primary contact
    • sales contact
    • preferred booth type/size
    • preferred booth location
    • exhibit sign
    • product/service description
    • product/service categories
    • adjacent company preferences (companies you do NOT want to be near)
    • payment information (full amount or deposit required - credit card only)

    The person who will serve as the primary contact (receives details from TASA and the Exhibitor Services Kit from Freeman) and the person who will serve as the sales contact (listed in the program book and the conference mobile app) must be connected to your organization in TASA's Member Services Center.

    Following are a few preliminary steps you should take prior to completing the online form to make the process easier:


Verify/Create a TASA Member Services Center Account

    1. Log into TASA's Member Services Center. Use the Forgot Password feature if you've forgotten your password. If you have not previously logged into the Member Services Center, use the Create an Account button and go through the steps to create a profile. Note: You must link your account to your organization to successfully complete the exhibit space request form.
    2. Once in your account, click on the My Account tab and ensure your personal contact information is up to date.

    3. Click on the My Organization tab and scroll down to Organization Contacts. Check to be sure your main contact and sales contact are both listed under your organization. If not, ask each of them to create accounts in TASA's Member Services Center so that they can be connected to your organization.

Know Your Preferred Booth Space Size/Location

Accessing the Online Request for Exhibit Space Form

    • Log into TASA's Member Services Center.
    • Click the Events tab in the menu bar.
    • Scroll down to Active Exhibits and select Exhibits—Midwinter 2018.
    • Complete the Request for Exhibit Space form.

Contact Us

  • If you have questions on creating a profile in TASA's Member Services Center or on exhibits in general, please contact Jennifer Garrido, Director, Event and Corporate Partner Services, 512.477.6361 or 800.725.8272.