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  • The TASA Accountability Forum, pioneered in 2008 by TASA in cooperation with Moak, Casey and Associates, helps superintendents and other school leaders stay current with the latest developments in state assessment and accountability.
    Subscribers benefit from a built-in network of expert advisors who rapidly identify, interpret, and — using available data — analyze the impact of significant policy changes on districts and schools. Subscribers become part of an active professional community in which peers share information and solutions.

    Forum Services

    • Twice-yearly subscriber conferences (with no registration fees for up to three attendees per district) that provide up-to-date information on state activity and how that may affect local districts
    • Analyses of significant issues in state and federal accountability
    • Detailed analysis of district and campus accountability data, including two free comparison reports each year, one pertaining to ratings and overall performance and the other looking specifically at college and career readiness information
    • Interactive participation in an electronic forum to facilitate the rapid exchange of information among subscribers

    NOTE: Subscribers are prohibited from providing access to and/or distribution of services provided by TASA or Moak, Casey and Associates, Inc. to anyone other than staff members or board members of the subscribing school districts, education service center, or other entity.

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Special Accountability Forum Subscription Deal!

  • TASA's 2017-18 subscription year officially begins September 1, but districts that subscribe to the TASA Accountability Forum now may take advantage of subscription benefits through next summer. Your district will enjoy free registrations for the June 2017, January 2018, and June 2018 Accountability Forum Seminars and get more than a year's worth of accountability information, resources, and expertise through August 2018. To take advantage of this special offer, please contact TASA Member and Data Services, at 512.477.6361 or 800.725.8272.

Subscription Fees

District subscription fees are based on student enrollment. The subscription period is September 1-August 31.
District Size Fee
Under 500 $825
500-2,499 $1,100
2,500-9,999 $2,200
10,000-49,999 $2,750
50,000+ $3,300
Other Public Ed Entity $4,400
Other Private, Non-profit Entity $5,000

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