Members of the Texas High Performance Schools Consortium

  • The Texas High Performance Schools Consortium currently consists of 22 school districts, though with the passage of HB 18 by the 84th Texas Legislature in 2015, it can expand to 30.


    The commissioner of education selected the originally participating districts following an application process required by SB 1557, the law that established the Consortium. Districts were required to provide detailed plans in several specific areas and could designate all or some of their campuses to participate.


    Consortium districts are a diverse group ranging in student enrollment from 105 to 51,920. The diversity of participating districts, campuses, and students increases the likelihood that Consortium proposals and recommendations address the varied circumstances, diversity, and issues facing all Texas schools, and that they result in relevant, transferable solutions for Texas' many different districts.

    Consortium districts are represented by their superintendents.