High-Priority Learning Standards

  • To prepare future-ready students, schools need learning standards that allow students to develop the cognitive and social skills they need to solve the complex problems of a rapidly changing world. Students must be able to truly understand and apply meaningful content, not just memorize information to pass a test.

    True 21st century learning standards take into account that students are not just consumers of knowledge, they can also be creators. They focus on development of the whole person, tapping curiosity and imagination, and providing opportunities for all talents to be cultivated, nurtured, and valued.

    Profound learning occurs only when students have multiple opportunities to engage in meaningful experiences, integrating critical competencies and content knowledge for college and career readiness.

    MISSION: School Transformation is about moving away from a curriculum that is “a mile wide and an inch deep” and focusing on high-priority learning standards that emphasize depth of learning over breadth.


Texas Schools Focused on High-Priority Learning Standards

HPLS Concept Paper