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Partner Blurb Each level of the Corporate Partner Program is designed to offer our partners quality exposure to association members. Partners at the President's Circle, Platinum, and Gold levels may customize special events and opportunities.
  • Maximize your marketing dollars
  • Gain yearlong recognition and visibility
  • Stand front and center in the competitive Texas education market
  • Spend quality time with school district CEOs
  • Create and maintain name recognition and customer loyalty

The Texas Association of School Administrators is the premier professional organization for education leaders in Texas. Our members include top-level executives in nearly every public school district in Texas—key individuals who make the vital, daily purchasing decisions that affect instructional programs, administrative operations, and personnel in the state's public schools.

Our Corporate Partners gain unparalleled opportunities for communicating with and connecting to these vital school leaders through association with TASA's highly acclaimed professional development activities, strong legislative advocacy efforts, and state-of-the-art communications media.

If public schools are your customers, TASA's Corporate Partner Program makes good business sense. Spend your marketing dollars where you'll gain the most return on your investment! Join TASA's Corporate Partner Program today!

Benefits and Available Sponsor Opportunities
*Complimentary benefits/opportunities
President's Circle
Presentation Opportunity—First-time Superintendents’ Academy* Y        
Logo/Web link—TASAnet home page* Logo        
Sponsorship—President’s Dinner, Midwinter Conference Y Y      
Sponsorship—Executive Planning Meeting Y Y      
Presentation Opportunity—Midwinter Conference* Y Y Y    
Recognition—TASA/TASB Convention Sponsorship Y Y Y    
Exhibit—Midwinter Conference Priority Booth Placement Y Y Y Y Y
Association Mailing Labels (one set)* Y Y Y Y Y
Signage—Midwinter Conference and Sponsored Events* Y Y Y Y Y
Special Recognition—Midwinter Conference* Y Y Y Y Y
Web Link—TASAnet Corporate Partner page* Y Y Y Y Y
Recognition—TASA publications* Y Y Y Y Y
Corporate Partner Sponsorship Logo*
(appropriate level)
Sponsorship of Selected Events and Opportunities Y Y Y Y Y
TASA Associate Memberships* 5 4 3 2 1

Number of Partners:  The total number of Corporate Partners is determined based on the availability of events and other sponsorships opportunities.

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