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    Sessions offered at the UT/TASA Summer Conference will include the following (sessions are still being added):

    Creating Capacity and Leveraging Leadership Through Culture and Beliefs
    Rick Kershner, Assistant Superintendent of Leadership and Culture, Splendora ISD
    Laura Wildman, Director of Professional Learning, Splendora ISD
    Duana Brashear, Peach Creek Elementary Principal, Splendora ISD
    Experience Splendora ISD's journey to becoming a values-driven organization. District leaders will explore transformational change and the future-ready impact of building capacity and leveraging leadership through culture and beliefs.

    Transformation Leadership: Standards-Based Grading in Clear Creek ISD
    Susan Silva, Executive Director for Curriculum and Instruction, Clear Creek ISD
    With the creation of a strategic plan that calls for personalized learning opportunities for students, Clear Creek ISD has made the bold shift to standards-based grading in elementary schools. During the last five years, this disruptive innovation has occurred, challenging existing systems while allowing students the opportunity to receive specific feedback, set goals, and create learning pathways. Learn about the systems one district put in place to shift culture and thinking.

    A Transformation Story: Active Learning Spaces
    Melissa Motes, Director of instructional Technology, DeKalb ISD
    Kali Little, Instructional Technology Specialist, DeKalb ISD
    Melissa Motes and Kali Little of DeKalb ISD will share how their district implemented a teacher grant program to help furnish one classroom at a time. Learn what worked and what they will do differently next time. Hear the feedback they received from teachers and students. See how the physical space of learning can be transformed in your classroom or school.

    Creating a True Accountability System to Reflect the Values of the Community
    Roland Toscano, Superintendent, East Central ISD
    Taffi Hertz, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, East Central ISD
    Shannon Fuller, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction, East Central ISD
    What are our community's hopes and dreams for their children? To answer this question, East Central ISD embarked on a journey to create a true accountability system using staff, student, parent, and community input. District leaders will describe the ongoing process and lessons learned, including development of a Community-Based Accountability System during the last two years and development of the district’s first community-wide report.

    Whetting an Appetite for a Community-Based Accountability System
    Keith Bryant, Superintendent, Lubbock-Cooper ISD
    Macy Satterwhite, Deputy Superintendent, Lubbock-Cooper ISD
    Come get a taste of how Lubbock-Cooper ISD is beginning to collect the ingredients for a recipe of accountability that reflects the priorities of the community.

    Power in Numbers #TxEdTuesday Campaign
    Kevin Worthy, Superintendent, Royse City ISD
    Adi Bryant, Chief Communications Officer, Royse City ISD
    Advocacy for public education has never been more imperative. From school board members to classroom teachers, everyone must engage their communities and legislators with the great things happening in their districts. Learn how a social media campaign permeated all corners of the state with an army of educators on Twitter and Facebook.