SB 1398 Summary

  • SB 1398 - Video Cameras in Special Education Classrooms and Settings (2017 regular session)

    Clarifies legislative intent after the attorney general issued an opinion in 2016 regarding placement of video cameras in special education settings.

    Requires written request by certain authorized persons to trigger placement in classrooms where a student receives services.

    Provides detailed procedures to act on a written request received by authorized persons.

    Except for a parental request, requires a school or campus to begin operation of a video camera no later than the 45th school business day, or the first school day after the 45th day after the request is authorized unless TEA grants an extension.

    Establishes procedures for an expedited review by TEA of a district’s denial of a request, request for an extension of time, or determination to not release a video recording.

    Reduces the video retention period to three months after the date the video was recorded.

    Does not require a video camera to be in operation for the time during which students are not present in the classroom or special education setting.

    Earliest effective date: Immediately