Keynote Speaker

  • John Draper

    National Consultant
    National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA)

    Crucial Conversations About America’s Public Schools

    For decades, elected officials, business leaders, the general public, parents, and even school employees have been fed a steady diet of warnings about “declining schools.” Dr. John Draper will step back from the rhetoric and look at the reality of what is really happening across America’s schools. He will identify some of the Talk, the Truth, and the Crucial Conversations that school leaders need to lead.

    Dr. Draper will share his TLC Formula that reframes the conversation to be more effective with every audience. He will engage you to face your own “Curse of Knowledge” and stop spreading the negativity that unwittingly fuels the urban myth of failing public schools.

    You will feel supported, appreciated, and encouraged to engage in the crucial conversations required to build community support for public schools. 

    John Draper About Dr. Draper

    John Draper has energized audiences of educators, school leaders, and community members in more than 40 states. His presentations are marked by thoughtful analysis, engaging narrative, and a refreshing passion for the mission of public schools. He makes research fun!

    As the CEO of the Educational Research Service in Washington, D.C., Dr. Draper spawned conversations among school leaders nationwide on engaging staff and communities in active support of our schools. His presentations are known for getting to the root of the research and translating it into focused, proactive leadership practices. He is now a nationwide consultant working with NSPRA to expand support for public schools. NSPRA is a membership organization dedicated to helping educational leaders build community support for schools and school districts.