2017-18 Membership Services

Benefits & Services

  • Governmental Advocacy—Active representation in the state's legislative and public policy process on issues critical to school districts and the children and communities they serve.

    Leadership Development—Meeting individual and district professional growth needs through research-based seminars and institutes, state-of-the-art conferences, customized district professional and executive development, online learning, and networking opportunities.

    Legal Support—Legal consultation through Adams, Lynch & Loftin, P.C., relating to the superintendent's employment contract, superintendent/board relations, and other topics related to professional duties and employment. The law firm of Adams, Lynch & Loftin, P.C. has been General Counsel to TASA since 1987 and maintains a state-wide and national education law practice. The firm's school lawyers have substantial experience in representing superintendents, presidents and other school administrators in public and private schools and institutions of higher learning in an array of employment matters, including employment contract formation and dissolution, administrative law, and employment litigation. You can view more information about Adams, Lynch & Loftin, P.C. To initiate TASA legal services please contact Paul Whitton/Maria Cruz at 800.725.8272 ext. 2113.

    Peer Support and Networking—Promotion of educational excellence through networking with other school leaders to share ideas and discuss strategies; members generate enthusiasm for their profession from this interaction and encourage colleagues to maintain a personal commitment to leadership.

    Career Center—Complimentary interactive job posting service featuring job vacancies posted by school districts, education service centers, TEA, charter/private schools, and other education organizations in Texas, including superintendent, central office, campus administrator, teacher, and professional support staff positions.

Communications and Information Resources

    • tasanet.org (online portal to many TASA benefits and services)

    • TASA Daily (popular daily e-newsletter)

    • Twitter (breaking news, alerts, and reminders)

    • Facebook (announcements, good news, article links, and more)

    • TASA Connect (online professional networking community open exclusively to TASA members)

    • Capitol Watch Alerts (legislative and policy e-news as it happens)

    • Hot Off the Bench (bimonthly e-newsletter reviewing legal issues at the state and federal levels)

    • INSIGHT (TASA's quarterly professional journal featuring news, research findings, and articles of interest to education leaders)

    • Texas School Business (bimonthly magazine covering the issues and "who's news" of Texas public schools since 1954)

    • Who's Who in Texas Public Schools (annual membership directory available in print and digital formats)

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