TASA Committees

  • TASA depends on an active network of volunteers to serve on association committees. TASA committees serve two important purposes. First, they provide a forum for TASA to address a vast array of important issues. Through its committees, TASA conducts association business with broad member representation. Second, and equally important, by inviting individuals to serve who represent a cross-section of the membership, the association ensures that diverse needs are met and opinions are heard. Policy/advisory and procedural committee appointments are made by the TASA president with recommendations from Executive Committee members and the executive director. See links to lists of committee members on left.
    Members interested in serving on TASA committees should contact Dr. Kevin Brown, Executive Director, 800.725.8272 or 512.477.6361.

    Executive Committee The Executive Committee is the primary decision-making body of the association. The 20 regional members (elected by association members from within their region), four at-large members (each president appoints, subject to approval by the Executive Committee, two active members from underrepresented segments of the membership who serve in these at-large positions on the Executive Committee for a two-year term, beginning simultaneously with the president's term), and four officers (president, president-elect, vice president, and past president) work closely with TASA's executive director and staff to conduct the business of the association. The TASA Legislative Committee chair also serves on the Executive Committee.

    2019-2021 Legislative Committee Members of this committee help develop TASA's legislative program and advise the Executive Committee and staff on the direction the association should take regarding legislative issues and assist in presenting periodic reports on legislative issues at regional study group meetings. (Policy/Advisory; two-year terms appointed on June 1 following each legislative session)

    Study Group Chairs Regional Study Group/Membership chairs are elected annually within the ESC region they represent, and assist TASA by encouraging membership in TASA and disseminating information on TASA programs and services to administrators in their region. Study group meetings are held to conduct association business, hold regional elections as needed, and to discuss relevant issues confronting the profession. The meeting format varies from region to region.