Curriculum Management Audit Services

  • The Texas Curriculum Management Audit Center (TCMAC), offered in cooperation with Curriculum Management Solutions, Inc., is one of the most valuable services TASA offers its members. Designed to support and complement the work of CMSi, TCMAC is focused specifically on optimizing audit services for Texas school districts in a cost-effective manner.

    The following services are available:

    Curriculum Management Audit™ is a structured approach to organizational analysis, policy direction, curriculum quality and equity, and system use of feedback to determine school district effectiveness in promoting student learning. It is perfect for any district leadership team seeking valuable feedback regarding its efforts to improve learning for all students.

    Small Schools Audit is designed especially for school districts with enrollments of less than 2,500 students, and is based on the methodology and approach of the Curriculum Management Audit™. The purpose of the Small Schools Audit is to comprehensively evaluate, in an affordable manner, the quality of the system's curriculum management processes.

    Program-Specific Audit is based upon generally accepted principles pertaining to effective instruction and curricular design and delivery. Each program-specific audit focuses on a content area or areas selected by the school system: reading/language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, special education, and vocational-technical education. This audit report is often described as a blueprint from which a school system can plan the improvement of teaching and learning in the system.

    Individual School Audit is a diagnostic process designed to reveal the extent to which the administrators and professional staff of a school, in conjunction with district officials, have developed and implemented a sound, valid, and operational approach for high student achievement performance. This audit is a key piece of data for any school desiring a detailed, diagnostic report focused on those factors shown to improve student achievement.

    TASA-CMSi Assistance Cadre
    This service is available to provide research-based, dynamic professional development training programs or services tailored to help school districts meet individual needs delineated in their Curriculum Audits™. This service might include face-to-face consulting, training in curriculum design, assistance in policy development and/or planning, and guidance in closing achievement gaps. The cadre includes certified curriculum management auditors and licensed providers of many CMSi training programs with extensive experience and expertise in leading curriculum management and providing professional assistance to districts.

Leander ISD Superintendent Reflects on Recent Curriculum Management Audit

  • Leander ISD Superintendent Dan Troxell recently shared with his community LISD's experience partnering with TASA and Curriculum Management Solutions Inc. to bring an external audit team of professional educators to the district for a Curriculum Management Audit. He wrote:
    "The team was extremely thorough, reviewing thousands of curriculum documents and examining numerous educational programs throughout our system – everything from finance to transportation to human resources. They visited each of our campuses, observing how well expectations for teaching and learning were reflected in the classroom. They interviewed each Board member, as well as principals, teachers, parents and community members. Additionally, they conducted an online survey to collect information and perceptions, yielding some 1,500 responses"


  • If you would like to contract with TASA for any of our curriculum audit services, or have questions about the program, please contact:
    Opal Core
    Coordinator, Texas Curriculum Management Audit Center