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Legislative & Public Policy Services

  • Legislative advocacy on behalf of Texas schoolchildren is one of the most important benefits of association membership. It is also one that requires significant time, energy, and resources — beyond that funded by regular membership dues.

    Your district's subscription to TASA's Legislative and Public Policy Services allows TASA to dedicate the resources needed to monitor and influence legislative and public policy matters on behalf of your district.

    Your support allows TASA to:

    • Retain experts in the field of public school finance and TRS-related matters. These experts provide analysis and technical assistance, and prepare formal responses to plans under consideration by the Legislature.
    • Provide research to support legislation that aligns with our TASA Legislative Priorities or to counter inaccurate or misleading claims by those who seek to defund and dismantle Texas public education.
    • Compile talking points on critical public education issues to equip school leaders for when they speak with their legislators, the media, or within their communities. Talking points and other educational materials can help our grassroots advocates frame the messages that need to be communicated about Texas public schools.

    The voluntary support of our legislative efforts through participation in LPPS truly makes a difference in our overall success. If you would like to help us in that quest, renew or initiate your annual subscription to TASA's Legislative & Public Policy Services today.

    Click here to join through our Member Services Center.

Contact Us

  • Amy Beneski, Deputy Executive Director, Governmental Relations

Subscription Fees

Subscription fees are based on student enrollment. The subscription period is September 1-August 31.
District Size Fee
Under 500 $250
500-2,499 $500
2,500-9,999 $750
10,000-24,999 $1,000
25,000-49,999 $1,250
50,000+ $1,500