TASA's Affiliation with AASA

  • AASA, The School Superintendents Association, was founded in 1865 and is the professional organization for more than 13,000 educational leaders in the United States and throughout the world. AASA members range from chief executive officers, superintendents and senior level school administrators to cabinet members, professors and aspiring school system leaders. AASA members are the chief education advocates for children.

    AASA members advance the goals of public education and champion children's causes in their districts and nationwide. As school system leaders, AASA members set the pace for academic achievement. They help shape policy, oversee its implementation and represent school districts to the public at large.

    TASA is one of 50 affiliates (49 states and the Canadian Association of School Administrators) of AASA. The two organizations work together to encourage membership in each other's organizations, creating a strong foundation of professional development and support for their respective members. TASA encourages Texas superintendents and other school leaders to join both organizations and benefit from their combined array of services.

July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018 AASA Membership Dues Pricing

    • Active Membership @ $460 – primarily for superintendents, although AASA also welcomes assistant and deputy superintendents in this category if they choose. Members in this category receive all AASA benefits and services, including the Legal Support Program ($1 million individual professional liability coverage/up to $10,000 for job protection defense claims based on continuous years of membership, $500 deductible), a member discount when registering for AASA conferences, and more.

    • Active Small-School District Leader Membership @ $230 – for superintendents in school districts with 350 or fewer students. Members in this category receive all the benefits of Active membership.

    • Active College Professor Membership @ $204 – for full-time professors of educational administration and/or supervision who are not currently employed in full-time school administration. Members in this category are eligible to vote and hold elected office but are not eligible to receive legal support from AASA.

    • District/Cabinet Membership @ $204 – for persons who are NOT EMPLOYED AS A SUPERINTENDENT. This is the membership category for assistant and deputy superintendents, central office staff, principals, and assistant principals.

    • BASIC/Aspiring Membership @ $77 – for teachers, graduate students, counselors or others pursuing careers as school system leaders and/or those who hold administrative credentials and are employed in NON-ADMINISTRATIVE positions in K-12 schools.

    • Retired Membership @ $77 – open to anyone who has retired from full-time employment as a school administrator.

    • Associate Membership @ $204 – for any person who is actively interested in, engaged in, or associated with any phase of educational work and is not employed by a school system. This would include vendors, sponsors, external consultants, etc.